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Why be a Journalist | How do Reporters Achieve Fairness and Accuracy | Characteristics of Good Reporters | Characteristics of News | Libel and Private People | Fair Use | Common Usage Mistakes | Using Active Voice
Nervousness | Presenting Stand-ups | Live Shots | Voice Quality | Delivery | How to Use a Teleprompter
The Live Shot Interview | Developing Your Questions | Planning the Interview | Conducting the Interview | Some Dos and Don'ts While Your Subject is Talking
Shooting Video in the Field | Shooting Interviews | Conceiving and Shooting the Stand-up | Capturing Good Audio | Shaping the Show | Creating the Rundown
Good reporters are called on regularly to make ethical decisions and must examine their own procedure for making moral choices. Above all, they must be honest in the pursuit of truth.
Broadcast Journalism
The skill an individual uses in speaking to an audience is part of the broadcaster's professional package that earns the paycheck. Like any skill, vocal delivery and presentation usually improve with study and practice.
If you really want to control the questions asked of a newsmaker, nothing beats the one-on-one interview. These come in two flavors: the planned, formal sit-down, and the impromptu conversations at the scene of an event.
Television newsrooms are a stressful, fast-paced environment where professionals attempt to provide information using traditional and emerging technologies.This new age requires a broad variety of skills.