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Sometimes your subjects will ask what to wear for the interview.

If the story is about a retired soldier, you might suggest his or her uniform. A costume might be appropriate for a stage actor before or after a performance.

More general useful advice is that blue is a color that shows well on screen and is not distrcting, as are pastel colors. Most critical in what not to wear for a video interview:
• Bright white reflects the maximum amount of light and can throw off exposure.
• Black is too harsh, can suck up all the light, and throw off exposure.
• Bright red "bleeds" on screen and is distracting.
• Stripes, herringbone patterns, small intricate designs, and checks can actually pulsate on screen. Hats, sunglasses, or tinted glasses tend to hide the face and be hard to light. Large, dangling earrings distract and can make noise or hit the microphone during head movements. Logos make the interview look like an advertisement. Shiny objects, including ties, can end up looking like plastic or mirrors.