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This month we’ll be diving into two of our topics in the series.

Unit 1- Weather SellsWeather01-600

The story of weather is constantly changing. While other parts of your news show may get stale, weather is always a developing story. By adding a weather segment to your news show you’re not only switching things up in the rundown, but it mixes up the flow of personality. Mixing up the content of your show will attract the audience, guaranteed.

Ever heard the saying, “Wonderful weather we’re having?” It’s a great conversation starter. But this just goes to prove that weather connects community. Weather is always something being talked about, which is free advertising of your forecasts.

As part of this unit, I encourage you to email your local news station and ask to see the ratings at an hour with fair weather and at an hour with inclement weather.

By acknowledging the importance of having a weather team, you’re school is ready to do just that- acquire a weather team.

Weather02-600Unit 2- Organization

This is the most overlooked part of the system. There’s much more to creating a weather broadcast than just showing up. This unit is all about setting up a team and discussing decisions.

It all starts with a weather producer. This person oversees the entire Weather Department and is in charge of delegating the needed tasks to the Meteorologists. Your Weather Producer should have a basic understanding of weather while leading strongly. Not everyone on your team will be knowledgeable in weather, but it’s important that at least one person is. Working alongside the Weather Producer are 2-3 Meteorologists. These people should have a general sense of weather but more importantly have a strong on-camera personality. View the attached Concept Map with tips on how to select members of your team.

Once you have acquired the correct team, the next task is to create a weekly meeting day where you discuss what content you’re going to cover that week. Take this time to go over what information is relevant to your area and discuss methods to put it on air. Also use this time to delegate the weekly tasks between the team. Create a Group Message to remain in contact outside of meetings days. Make clear what you’re covering in your segment. Create a rundown so everyone is on the same page and can work towards a common product.

You should also have a routine in place on coverage- we’ll get more into this in the next unit but I encourage you to organize which platforms you want to deliver your content through (TV, Social Media, etc.)

Organization is one of the most important parts of establishing a school weather team. It will create a system with standards that will guide you in your coverage. In the next SVN, we’ll go further into how to tell the weather story and where to get your information. In the meantime, I invite you to keep up with me on social media: and keep me updated on how your school is doing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Amy Creamer of Autrey Mill Middle School for helping develop the teacher resources provided.