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One of the biggest questions SVN has been getting is “My school has the capability to do the weather, but how do we do it? Where do we start?”

Shawn01That’s exactly what I’m here to help with. My name is Shawn Fortune, and I’ll be a sophomore at Johns Creek High School this school year. I developed a passion for weather at a very young age. I would set up a camcorder while pretending to do the weather in front of the Weather Channel. I joined the Autrey Mill Middle School news team as a student meteorologist in seventh grade. By the end of eighth, I had won a handful of awards not only from the school but from the Georgia Media Festival. Outside of school, I managed the Weather Department of WABA News, an online live-streaming news platform. On occasion, I assist with Severe Coverage for North Georgia Weather Center which now has nearly 20,000 likes on facebook and is run by a friend with similar interest by the name of Alex Forbes. I also spent time visiting and building relations with personalities of local media. I attended the STN Convention in San Diego this year. My freshman year of High School I spent performing a mixture of on- camera and behind the scenes responsibilities.

I’ve essentially discovered an art to meteorology which is extremely pertinent to student meteorologists. There are several categories that I’ll be covering over the next few editions:

Weather Sells: It’s true. Weather is always pertinent to the lives of the students in your school and unless you live in Sunny San Diego, there’s always change in the forecast which will keep your viewers coming back.

Organization: It is essential to create a dedicated team, decide steps to determine which content you cover, and establishing a routine for coverage.

Technology: It can be hard to make do with minimal equipment. I’ll show you some tips to make your end result look like it’s the same software and equipment as the pros.

Presentation: This is unsurprisingly the most important category of meteorology. The On Camera Meteorologists is the ambassador between the information and the viewer.

My goal is to see school student programs flourish, which is why I’m thrilled to be sharing the fundamentals I’ve learned. I would love to hear from schools as they start to incorporate this into their broadcasts. Keep in touch with me on my Facebook page,, and send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I look forward to seeing your school’s re- branded weather forecasts.