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The Morning News is an annual collection of articles and case studies intended to help teachers and students create quality, professional news broadcasts.

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Welcome to our 3rd Edition

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Special Report: Weather Sells


The story of weather is constantly changing. While other parts of your news show may get stale, weather is always a developing story. By adding a weather segment to your news show you’re not only switching things up in the rundown, but it mixes up the flow of personality. Mixing up the content of your show will attract the audience, guaranteed.

Producing the perfect meteorology segment takes a good amount of planning and you don’t want to mess this up. In order to give your audience the best presentation possible, you need to know the do’s and dont’s of being an on air meteorologist. The most important thing to do is prepare.

The Morning News is pleased to present 6 articles to help you present a professional weather segment to your viewers.  Read the whole series here

Case Studies

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